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Stephen Rector,

Founder & President, has extensive experience leading merchandise strategy, sourcing, pricing, and curation across a variety of channels, including ecommerce, mobile, physical stores, and digital marketplaces like Alibaba’s TMall & Taobao platforms, as well as Tencent’s Wechat platform.

His work across a broad set of categories has yielded accelerated growth for digital and physical retail business models in both North America and Asia.

His expertise and international business network spans across North America and Asia, helping companies build efficient global supply chains for fast fashion, navigate international customs for import & export, establish fashion & trend centers of excellence, recruit and develop talent, and deploy merchandise planning and forecasting tools


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Alibaba’s emphasis on engagement differentiates it from other loyalty programs, said Stephen Rector, president of Bakertown Consulting. “It’s usually very much about only what you’ve spent versus the time you’re spending on the platform,” said Rector. “Alibaba believes more time you’re engaging, the more you’re likely to spend in the long run, so it makes sense to reward consumers for their time.”

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